Pierce Lumber, Inc

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About Pierce Lumber

Pierce Lumber, Inc. is producer of fine Northern hardwoods and kiln-dried lumber. We deal primarily in White Oak, Red Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Ash, Hickory, Cottonwood, Red Elm, Grey Elm, Butternut, and Locust.

Jim Pierce opened Pierce Lumber in Belle Plaine, Iowa in 1977.  Overcoming a handful of fires and hardships in the markets, Pierce Lumber has continued to be prominent name in the Midwest lumber industry.

Veneer Walnut

Please contact us and ask to speak with Jim or Rob concerning veneer logs.

Specialty Lumber

  • We produce both quarter-sawn and rift White and Red Oak
  • Wide (9"+) Walnut and Cherry

Walnut in our air-dry yard.